outstanding content
  1. Adding visual content-video content is a sure-fire way to make an audience fall in love with your content. An article in The Guardian noted many of these findings, including Cisco’s research that suggests that video will account for 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2017,
  2. Free takeaways-takeaways might include a white paper, eBook, slide presentation, video, an app or software tool, or research material. The charm of freebies always work, it make the target audience more receptive to your messages.
  3. Influencers-Social media stars have more influence on what people buy than traditional marketing tactics. The content will surely get more exposure when Internet stars such as Wesley Stromberg, Tanner Patrick and Kenny Hamilton share it.
  4. Addition of some competitive games in the content-apps like Challenged or the contest generator on Facebook to add a social cause component, as well as link participants to celebrities, companies or their friends to deepen the engagement or trust in the brand or products for whose content is been written.
  5. Focus on current topics or trends in the content-Whatever the reason, people crave information on what is current, “hot,” and popular.
  6. Headlines Matter-include number in the headlines, offer solution to the problem in the content and ask questions from the readers.
  7. Go for long writing-Studies have shown that long blog posts that are at least 1500 words minimum have a higher ROI than short blog posts.
  8. Taboo topics-Are there any taboo topics in your industry? If so, embark on such topics on your blog. Such topics always create excitement among the readers and they are more interested in reading as well as participating in such blog post discussions.
  9. Do your homework/research-Whatever chosen topic you are posting about, always do your research. It is perfectly OK to give opinions, but doing research makes you look much more credible.
  10. Target audience-Whenever you write a blog post, keep your audience in mind. You don’t want to use a lot of industry jargon if your customer is in the research phase.
  11. Build loyal readers through content-Your first step toward content loyalty, is to define your goal post (e.g., visits per an allotted amount of time), then optimize for the attributes that lead to that goal. For your brand, it might be content length or number of ads or GIFs or videos.
  12. Moz Context API -using the newly created Moz Context API, you’re able to extract the most relevant topics for your site. It can tell you what topics and what keywords are the most relevant for your site and across the web.
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