The growing number of mobile internet users has finally started showing its impact on website’s SEO and marketing strategy. Most of the mobile users depend on apps for accessing certain information, as a result it become necessary to bring desired changes in the mobile SERP and help the Smartphone users in getting the right answer for the query they coined.

The online marketing world is buzzing with the upcoming algorithm changes that would be rolled out by the major search engine Google on April 21st 2015 it is anticipated that Google will launch a new mobile crawler for smartphones and it will crawl single -page web apps, android apps. Recently, Google launched mobile friendly guideline focusing on JavaScript and CSS as most of the android apps are based on JavaScript.

But there is a sigh of relief for those who don’t have a mobile-friendly website it is expected that the new algorithm will affect only mobile SERP and the desktop SERP will be free from this change.

Whether you are new to the online business world or an established name, to secure your mobile ranking or to read its effect on your website, it is advised to consult a professional online marketing service provider and prepare your website for the upcoming changes.

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