Have you ever noticed, how we always capture and create images in our mind to recall things. Just thing about your childhood and a film of images will play in your background. In fact, it is pictures that linger on with our memory at a deeper level in comparison to the words. A content supported by the significant image enhance the value of the content. The digital marketing experts have also realized the value of the pictures and they have generously used them. The smart usages of the pictures make content more relevant, interesting, engaging and useful. If you are running a blog or managing blog, then you must be looking for the ideas that can make your blog more useful and relevant for the users. Enrich your blog with the quality content and don’t forget to add images that boost the content. This will not only make the content more appealing, but will make it easier to connect with the content. It spice up the content and also improves visitor retention rate as well. The prime aim of the blogger is to provide useful information to its readers in an interesting way and for that they generously use images, videos, charts, slides, and much more other elements.

Find relevant image: you can hire a designer who can create fresh and unique images for your blog, or rely on an open and free source of images online. The second option is more practical for bloggers. Hiring a designer for creating an image, especially during the initial stage can cost you more. Thanks to the free images sites, there you can find images. Studies have revealed that it is easier to connect and recall images than the content. Make the best use of the pictures not just to make your blog interesting for readers, but it will also improve search engine ranking as well.

If you have a blog running on the WordPress, then you can easily optimize the images for the search engines as well.

The insertion of the right image at the right place, enhance the value of the content. You can increase its length without making it too boring or long to read.

Inserting images in a blog post is easier; there are various tutorials that can explain to you how to add images in the blog post.

Choose an image that is not just relevant subject wise, but its size, format, and dimension should also score high.

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