How to rank well on Google Search Engine

The million dollar question for any website owner is to how to get the traffic towards the website? There are various methods of website marketing and promotion and SEO or search engine optimization is one among them. Despite dramatic changes in a digital marketing world in the last decade, the role and significance of SEO is still deeply rooted.

The best thing about the search engines are they generate relevant traffic, there are more chances to get hot leads. This is the reason webmasters put all their efforts to get ranked at top positions in search engines. Though, there are various search engines as well. Yet the ranking in Google is considered highly important due to its wide popularity.
Though, the SEO world has a lot to say about the Google SERP and how the algorithm updates announced by Google smashes some well-established websites. But the core of the success is in implementing the right strategy, and for that one must know what are the factors that turns any SEO strategy into promising and result-oriented. Here we are discussing few basic aspects of any SEO strategy and how they hold the key of success. It is always the small details things that determine your success of failure.

Page Title:
Consider the page title as one of the most important aspect. Don’t forget to put a title tag on each page. Be specific and choose keywords that could bring more customer towards the website.

Image Optimization:
Putting images in between the content makes them more relevant and informative. Don’t forget to optimize the images for the search engine. Use Alt tag or better say alternative text to describe the images in the best possible way. A photo or video with precise description will surely rank well in SERP for the particular search and this will ultimately generate more.

Often neglected, a sitemap is something that introduces your website to the search engine. Don’t forget to add sitemap to the website and let the website get crawled by the spider from time to time.

Avoid flash:
No matter how cool it appears, but using flash is bad from the SEO point of view. It is noticed that the websites with flash often rank lower in Google SERP.

SEO friendly platform:
With platforms like WordPress it has become easier to launch technically sound website.

Having a technically sound website is the first step. Once you are ready with a website find an SEO service provider who can put your website ahead. With agencies like Dream Design Labs, it becomes easier to get ranked to the top in Google search engine. We have the resources to deliver quantitative results.

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