Are You Buying Real Estate Seller Leads & Not Happy With The Results?

Seller leads that convert for the broker or agent that is tired of junk leads.

Is This You?

Have you been buying leads with the hope to rapidly scale your business,  

but soon realize that your leads are mostly spam, accidents, wrong time of year, or just out-right junk?

Have you thought about throwing in the towel with lead generation all-together? 


You Could Keep Pounding The Pavement...

You could retreat to door knocking, trolling FSBOs, and Taxi-drive Renters all over town,
but you know you’re surrendering all of your valuable time that you'll never get back, sacrificing family time, missing proud parent moments
 and simply degrading your quality of life.

Or you can waste your money on Zillow and Trulia leads…  

You might have thought it wasn't a bad idea but soon realized it was a disappointment.


Time To Get Results

Using our proprietary software, we are able to target in market buyers and sellers, which drives costs down and conversions up. It's your time to massively scale your business. Let's go.



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Campaign Manager - Real Estate Marketing Experts

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Our leads are the highest quality leads you will ever work with due to our proprietary behavioral targeting system. We have interviewed many marketers, and most close 1% of leads. We close 5%-10%

Once we have your dream lead in hand, we send out automated text messages, emails, and voicemails to engage the prospect and get them talking, and asking questions.


Automated text, email, and ringless voicemail campaigns warm up leads, so they are ready to take action by the time you ever speak to them. You get to use our handy app to text and call contacts.



1. Go with our proven system that has already cracked-the-code for Real Estate Marketing by leveraging an incredible software developed by our technical team. 

*It tracks 5 billion URL's across the entire internet and reverse engineers the behavioral Profiles of ready-to-sell prospects in real time. 

*How long would it take you to scrape through 5 billion websites? 
Make technology work for you!

2.  We import collected data into our custom Facebook ad audiences, which means that your ads only get shown to people that have expressed serious behaviors of someone that is ready to list their property for sale.

*The average response rate of our leads is between 75%-90%
An average healthy response rate to any other lead source is around 20%.

3. You then get access to an easy-to-use app that sends friendly automated nurture texts, emails and voicemails to warmly engage your prospects.

- Resulting in a guarantee lead cost of $35-$15

- An average conversion rate of 5%-10%

- Average cost per acquisition of $200-$600 per listing

- With an average gross net of $40,000-$80,000 per month added to your business.

Or WIN With a Tried & Tested Method.

You Might Be Thinking...

Q: How can I be sure I'm going to get listings from this?

A: We have generated millions of leads with our cutting-edge system and because of this fact, we will actually GUARANTEE your lead count.

 We’ll promise a specific number of the highest quality leads industry wide.

We also have a proven close rate of 5%-10% of the total leads that you get. 

So if you purchase 100 of our DREAM leadsyou’re looking at between 5 to 10 new listings from those leads

How would 5 to 10 more listings per month 

change your life?...

as well as have more FREE time to enjoy it

Q: Can I try this out to see if it works?

A: We offer a partnership program for brokers and agents that meet a certain criteria.
(Submit your information below to be considered)

Q: Am I going to have to spend an arm and a leg?...

A: We generate new listings for brokers and agents on average for $200-$600 each.

Not only can we launch you into success, we have also proven our methodology is scalable, and can grow with you as your business grows.

Let's Get You Qualified Leads

Our conversion rates are a strong average of 5%-10%. Which can give you confidence on calculations for reaching your revenue goals.

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If You Could 10 Times your ROI, What would that Look Like For You?

And these Leads Belong to You 

and You only!

We only choose one broker/agent per county

so you know you are the only real estate 

Professional being served in your area.

Your Leads Are:

1.Highly Targeted 
2. Contacted 3. Qualified 4. Nurtured 

5. Warmed-up 6. Ready-to-buy 7. Asking for your assistance

You’ve spent ZERO of your valuable time doing it.

Or Win with the Tried & Tested Method

Or WIN With a Tried & Tested Method.

Or WIN With a Tried & Tested Method.

Your Leads Are:

1.Highly Targeted 
2. Contacted 3. Qualified 4. Nurtured 

5. Warmed-up 6. Ready-to-buy 7. Asking for your assistance

You’ve spent ZERO of your valuable time doing it.

We only choose one broker/agent per zone

so you know you are the only real estate 

professional being served in your area.