The success of the SEO plan depends on many crucial factors. SEO audit is one of the most important steps that will help you in realizing the potential flaws and the strength of the website. At Dream Design Labs, USA’s leading affordable SEO service providers, we follow the right method of starting any SEO project.

Before starting any SEO project, it is important to take an SEO audit of the website. There are various SEO audit tools in the market, that could help the executive in getting the right position of the website.

The preparatory step followed for the SEO audits are given below:

Crawl the website: This process will help the professional in identifying if there is any part of the website that has been missed by the search engine. If yes, they the next step is to find why the particular section is hidden.

Check 404 errors and redirects:  404 is one of the most common errors that we all face while browsing the website. Don’t let 404 errors eat your market. Use tools to detect 404 and redirects error and get them fixed to the earliest.

XML sitemap: make sure updated and a readable XML sitemap is generated and submitted to the search engine. Only then the all the pages of the website will be indexed by the search engine.

These are the basic SEO audit step that one needs to follow before taking up the SEO program o the next level. Stay with us and learn more about how to make your SEO journey smooth and successful.

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