Orange County SEO Expert – #DDLtips 2


Orange County SEO Expert

– Today I am going to show you how to do research on your keywords!

1. Go to and sign up for free
2. Once signed in, click the main menu button “Tools”. Click “Keyword Planner”
3. Click “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”.
4. Enter any keyword phrase in the first box, leave the rest as is, then click the blue button “Get Ideas”.
5. The next page will show amazing information!

This keyword planner tool is an amazing tool Google offers for free! You can see average searches per month, competition and more information. Check out data on some of your own keywords. If any of you get stuck along the way, don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you have any questions:
Live Chat:
Call or Text: 657-215-5020

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The Web World

Ah the web world,

An amazing tool for business! It connects business to customers quickly and easily. Hard to believe web technology is still advancing every day!

Although, updates to syntax can also bring headaches! Browsers update, and websites break.

Has there been an update you have wanted to make to your website? Do you want a cleaner, simpler, more efficient website? I am hear to listen to your website wants and needs! Email or call me so we may chat about YOUR website and receive a free quote 🙂


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Web Design Services: Present your idea on virtual platform

Do you have a brilliant business idea? Turn it into reality, before someone else coins it in the market. The easiest and most affordable way to start your business is to start it online, all you need is a brilliant website, designed and developed by the industry expert, optimized by the professionals offering top service and soon your business is ready to impress and engage the customers. No matter how big or small your business and services are if you not present online to interact with your customers, then you are surely going to miss a big part of potential customers.

Take your first step towards the virtual world with Dream Design Labs web design services. Our designers are not only technically expert in designing aspect, but we keep the track of market trend and client’s expectation. The focus is on designing a website that scores high on its technical aspects without compromising on its attractiveness and usability features. The designing aspect of any website is vast, and only an experienced professional can deliver customized designing solutions matching to your business needs and the client’s expectations.

Whether you want responsive websites, mobile website, online store or conventional static website, we have expertise in creating websites for various platforms. Call us today to find more about our services.

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