Working as the Web Development Los Angeles Company, we can efficiently execute projects no matter how complex they are. Dreamdesignlabs has a dedicated team of professionals efficiently collaborating with the clients to meet their requirements and specifications. Our organization understands their business objectives in detail and aligns the technical expertise.

By implementing new innovation strategies, we are able to crate fabulous websites for the users.

LAMP application development: The team of developers is amazingly skilled in using Linux, Apache, MY SQL and PHP to design robust web pages. LAMP is an open source platform with diverse features to design solutions for various business domains. Dreamdesignlabs has plethora of experience in eliminating errors that commonly occur during design and development of the website. We have an array of Joomla trained experts who can customize multi tasking web applications. Our websites are scalable and robust to handle large volume of web traffic.

Content management system: Dreamdesignlabs has acquired years of expertise in creating content management system from scratch with unique flexibility of reusing the codes across various applications. You can easily publish the content online without the use of complex programming and software. A single update of data is enough to the change information in all the pages of the website. With our content management system, the users get access to integrated workflow and standard navigation capabilities. In addition, the turnaround time for the project completion becomes minimal with as little code as possible. It is compatible not only with PC and Laptop but also smart phones as well as tablets.

Layered designs: Our Web Development Los Angeles Company identifies the target audience prior to designing the web pages. Layered technology is adopted using various tools to impart consistency in all the pages. Unique design accompanied by simplicity is the forte of our extremely talented designers. The customized website created by us is extremely impressive, optimized and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

Testing: Once the web application is launched, it is tested by the developers rigorously and errors are promptly rectified. We conduct detailed analysis of the proposed system to ensure efficient design and coding. Our reusable strategy of development enhances the quality but drives down the price. In spite of the immense capabilities, the websites are connected to robust databases that are efficient to maintain.

Security: Every website project designed and developed by us imbibes iron clad security from the malware, Trojans and viruses. You can safely host the web pages and store data without any issue.

Qualified experts: Our web development team is second to none in terms of quality. It has years of experience by designing complex website and providing customized solution to a range of clients. We also conduct periodical training to update them of the new technologies and ensure that they are well versed with the design platforms. Instead of being a standalone developer, they work in tandem with the customers towards a common business goal.

Unique identity: Flawless and high quality design imparts a unique identity to thee business clients. We ensure that the theme is in complete conformance to the core expertise of the enterprise. Prior to starting the project, our team conducts a thorough research on the website designed by the competitors. It helps us to identify their strategy and formulate a new plan to attract the visitors to the web page.

The layout is extremely fluid and you will not find a horizontal scroll degrading user experience. In addition, we also include touch screen friendly components on the web page as majority of people use smart phones and tablets to browse the internet. Apart from this you can check our Orange County Web Design services.

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