• If you are a blog writer you can use your content as tool to initiate conversation with significant people on twitter. Just include their tweets in your content and ask them to comment. If they respond, that wills be a positive sign to have a conversation with them on twitter and repeat this process.
  • Followerwonk can help you in tracking those who have unfollowed you on can check that how many people have unfollowed on any particular day or just on any day and what is the reason behind it.
  • Just to increase the number of followers or friends on twitter does not follow each and every one. Follow those whose content you truly find innovating and matching to your taste. You should always try to maintain a decent follower to friend ratio on twitter.

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  • Remove or unfollow those who do not even speak your language or have not tweeted in years or may be these people are following 1000,2000 people on twitter and they really do not bother about your tweets.
  • Twitter as a social media platform provides you with immense opportunity to get mingle with people belonging to your industry or with those who are on same page with you. Follow those who have almost equal number of follower’s v/s friends or with high engagement rates, there will more chances that they will follow makes following more purposeful.
  • Followerwonk can help you in keeping track of your success on twitter. it provide the count of people who are following you or not. You can actually compare with your competitors and can do analysis be performing series of weekly experiments be keeping eye on this count.
  • Analyze feature of Followerwonk can help in informing timings and types of tweets people are engage in. This can help in generating and planning proper campaigns for those who are not following you.
  • Relations whether in real life or on social media takes time in building. Instantly following someone and next day unfollowing does not going to be productive in long run. Before unfollowing understand the proper reasons and do proper analysis through social media tools.
  • Tweet meaningful, innovative, fresh ideas every day and focus on the quality of the content which is mostly welcome by followers rather than on number of tweets per day.
  • Fast response to any follower is also one way to keep your name in circulation on twitter. More your name will appear in front of others, more identity building for your brand can be achieved.
  • Communication is the key. Keep significant customers or people on twitter engage and try to end conversation by asking question. Always try to do a positive retweet and do not let conversation die.
  • Try to make twitter profile impressive and tweets fascinating, so that when any person click on your name to know more about you through your tweets, they can find some interesting facts or information which compel them to follow you. Make use of good profile picture too.
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