15 types of content

Ever wonder why all those blog posts you put up never get any traffic?

What if you consumed nothing but cookies for the next year? Do you think you would be very healthy? Just like people need a balanced diet, your content marketing needs a balanced diet. This is the reason why so many businesses have a Facebook page with blog posts that get zero engagement. Simply applying this will gain you fresh traffic, targeted visitors, higher conversion rates and better SEO.

(If anything, just save this list to create your content marketing strategies)

Type #1 Infographics

An infographic is the display of information or data in a visual way. Info + graphic sums it up.

Infographics get shared more, viewed more, and liked more than most other content types. They are a powerful way to get your data out there in an explosive visual format. One study found that infographics were liked and shared on social media up to three times more often than other posts. The potential is there.

Type #2 Meme

You’ve seen them. They’re easy to make, they’re visual, and they’re hilarious.

That’s one of the great benefits of memes – they’re hilarious. People love something they can laugh at, share and get a kick out of.

Type #3 Videos

There’s a world of variety within videos. I could write a whole separate post on different types of videos. No matter what type it is, however, a good video communicates a message in a succinct and memorable fashion. Done well, a video can be quite persuasive.

Type #4 Guides

A guide is a long detailed piece of content. Think of a guide as a super charged blog post. It goes beyond the length, style, and approach of an ordinary blog post. People want to know what’s in it for me, so gaining knowledge that could improve their life is a very popular type of content.

Type #5 Book Review

A book review is a summary of a book plus your take on it. You recommend good ones, critique some, and talk about the golden nuggets of information you took away from each. Book reviews are great because they help to position you as a thought leader.

Type #6 Rant

This type is much different than most posts, due to the “tone”. You might be used to writing about a well planned blog post. The rant type can be fired off the hip and is more expressive. The more opinionated and polarizing you are, the more it will get shared and commented. (Facebook can’t tell the difference between a good comment and a negative comment. Either one boosts your engagement.)

Type #7 Product Review

Like the book review, a product review can help establish you as a leader in an industry. Every industry has it’s unique products, services, software, etc. When you acknowledge brands, influencers and other high profile products and services, you gain respect. All you need to do is tell your audience your experience and provide a recommendation.

Type #8 How-to

The how-to is one of the most popular, especially in my industry. People are always searching how-to do something, and it’s your job to answer those questions! By answering these questions in your content marketing, you gain their attention and recognize you as an authority figure. Hopefully you will also gain leads through your how-to posts.

Type #9 Lists

You guessed it! Lists. We are hard-wired to love them. Chances are you will read another list (besides this one) by the end of the day. “5 Security Breaches You Need To Know About.” Lists go back as far as the ten commandments! To this day, numbered ideas are as popular as ever. Even top publications like Inc or Forbes use lists, because they work!

Type #10 Link Pages

A link page is just a post that provides links to great resources around the World Wide Web. The great thing about link pages is they spread link love to other sites, provide your own site with authoritative SEO signals, and assert your thought leadership within your industry.

Type #11 Ebook

An ebook is a very long guide packed in a different format, such as a PDF. Ebooks are usually free content websites offer in exchange for an email. Producing an ebook is great for building authority in your field and a powerful way for you to get your message out there.

Type #12 Case Study

A case study explains what your product or service is and how it helped a client of yours. The case study basically says, “here’s what we do, how we do it, and the results we get.” This is a great way to gain new leads and spread the knowledge that your product or service works!

Type #13 Podcast

Podcasts were booming for a while there, and they still are. They are not hard to create, people listen to them during commute or exercise. You have a chance to spread your message farther and better using this format than a lot of other formats.

Type #14 Interview

Every field has it’s leaders. When you’re able to interview a leader, you can gain a lot of respect in your field, not to mention huge amounts of traffic. Interviews are unique. No one else has your information – only you.

Type #15 Research and original data

Most of us work in data-intensive fields, where numbers and metrics hold a ton of value. Sharing your findings is a great way for your to gain traffic, build trust, and establish your authority. When you do the research, which is hard work, people respect that. What’s more, people share it.


As you can see, there are many types of content types, and your content marketing strategy needs most if not all of them for a balanced diet. The more you use, the better the results! Content, regardless of its form, speaks to an audience. That audience, in turn, listens, shares, learns, and converts.

What type of content do you prefer and why?

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