How To Find The Right Web Designer


Web designers are almost indispensable in today’s world since websites have become a serious platform for marketing and advertising goods or services. A website designer is basically the creator of a website. He or she is charged with the task of developing the layout and the overall look of the website. The designer is therefore someone with broad knowledge about many concepts since he needs to work with the entrepreneur to pick appropriate colors and appealing logos which match with the activities or the theme of the business. It is also his responsibility to discuss layouts of the website pages and create suitable mockups.    


However, choosing a web designer for one’s business remains very tricky even though there exist hundreds of thousands of websites advertising web design services. Nobody wants to recruit an incompetent designer who is unable to add value to a business or service. If you are looking to hire a web designer, you need to settle for one who will meet your needs without you losing your mind in the process. You don’t just need someone who is good at taking pretty pictures. You rather need a person who is able to organize your site’s content and set up layouts which meet the goals or requirements of your website. That said, it will be best for you to look up the differences between a designer, a developer, and an implementer because knowing them makes you determine the type of professional you are really in need of. Often, some entrepreneurs think that they should hire a website designer whereas what they are actually in need of is a website developer. Now let’s examine some qualities entrepreneurs should consider when hiring a web designer for their companies;

The Designer’s style

The designer’s style is a very important factor to take into consideration when hiring a web designer for your company. You need to find out if the designer’s style matches what you anticipate your site to look like. That said, you will need to go through the designer’s portfolio and note the items that catch your eyes. You should be able to know whether or not you are satisfied with the designer’s choice of colors, layouts or even logos. You don’t want to hire someone whose design appears off. Also, you can’t possibly have a modern website by hiring a web designer whose portfolio looks a bad episode of back to the future.



Site maintenance and Upkeep

Before you hire a web designer for your business, you need to be able to answer these two questions;

  • What is the kind of maintenance and upkeep my website need?
  • Can I do the maintenance myself or do I need to hire someone?

If you are hoping to make millions of dollars through your website, then its maintenance should be a continuous process. You do not want your website to appear archaic, inaccessible or unpleasant to users and visitors. You rather want your website to always be up to date especially if they require plugins or software to function. To put it simply, websites require constant attention and you obviously need someone for its maintenance and upkeep. Thus prior to hiring your web designer, find out whether or not he will be available to provide maintenance services for the website. You can equally opt to hire someone else for the website maintenance or in the worst case learn the tricks and do it yourself.


Availability of the designer for website revision

Websites are not static as they need revision from time to time. Before hiring your web designer, it is advisable to find out if he will be available to do changes especially in layout in the long run. While at it, keep in mind that the designer has no obligation to provide you free services which were not included in the initial contract you signed before hiring him. In as much as it is better to stick with one designer for the security of your website, it is equally important for you two to agree on whether or not he will be available to do revision for the website and at what cost. It is also worth noting that the values of services changes over time. Hence you don’t expect to pay your designer the same fee two or three years later.


Availability of the designer to develop the website

You should know if your potential web designer will be available to develop your website. This is where knowing the difference between a web designer and a web developer becomes very important. Although many web designers are also competent at web development, some may prefer to limit their job to just designing. They may rather chose to create mockups that will be coded into an actual site elsewhere. Some designers on the other hand may decide to partner with a developer to work in the entire project. Whatever the case may be, you need to choose the option which is suitable and affordable to you.

Type of design files

Your potential designer should open up to you about the types of files he is going to be using for your website. That said, the PSD and Al format mockups are highly recommendable. Also, your web designer should not have any problems giving you editable versions of your logo in either the PSD, AI, EPS, or PDF. Above all, the designer must have a license or permission if he intends to use any premium graphics or fonts in the design. You don’t want to be sued for having unauthorized graphics or photos on your website.

Not the right questions? You may not need a designer!

If you’re reading this thinking, These questions don’t even apply to my project!, it’s possible you need both a designer and developer or an implementer. As I mentioned, those labels can overlap, so there’s no perfect way to tell you what you need. Knowing the scope of your project and what you’ll want in terms of looks and functionality are key in finding the professional who is best qualified to help you.

If you do web work, how do you define yourself? Any tips you can share with those who are looking to hire a web professional?

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