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99% of power sport dealers have this “MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION”… “How do I use digital marketing to actually get ready-to-buy major unit leads?”

My name is Brandon Guthrie, I am a blogger and digital marketer. I generate my dealership clients 27 ready-to-buy major unit leads per day, which tripled my dealership clients sales per month using digital marketing. I’m here to show you how to get the same results for your dealer.


Before I show you how it’s done, I want to share with you an interview that I was lucky enough to be given the time for! Dave Rose from Ellicott City Motorsports in Ellicott City Maryland, was kind enough to educate me about marketing in the power sports industry yesterday, today, and tomorrow! We start with some information on who they are, what’s working for them in marketing, and what’s not! First let’s dive into the interview, then we’ll go into how to generate 27 leads per day!


Brandon: “So Dave, tell me about your history in the power sports industry.”

Dave: “I got involved in sales in 1998. Started working with Ellicott Motorsports in September 2000. Moved into the sales department in 2002 and have been going strong ever since.”

Brandon: “How long has your dealership been in business?”

Dave: “Since June 1997”

Brandon: “What makes your dealership different than the competition?”

Dave: “Majority of our guys actually are involved in the industry/sport. We are active with riding and even competing. It seems dealers with employees that actually ride are a dying breed. That is what makes us different. We are passionate about this industry, and that matters.”

Brandon: “What is your #1 type of selling product?”

Dave: “Street bikes. Crusiers & sport bikes fifty-fifty.”

Brandon: “What was the motorcycle industry doing for marketing 10 years ago?”

Dave: “Back in 2007 we were doing a lot of direct mail, radio ads, and TV ads. The internet stuff did not start for a while. We did and still do some eBay, but I would more call that online sales than marketing. So yeah, mostly direct mail, radio, and TV.”

Brandon: “What is the motorcycle industry doing for marketing today?”

Dave: “Email blasts, internet ads, Facebook posts, social media in general. Almost no TV, radio, or direct mail. We did pay for some video ads to be shot to promote our events, and that worked quite well online. There are so many options out there, it’s easy to get confused. For our open houses, we worked with PowersportsMarketing, and they did a great job with the robo-calls. People that missed the call and got a voicemail, called back and we were able to talk to them about our event coming up.”

Brandon: “What are your predictions of what the motorcycle industry will be doing for marketing 10 years from now? Virtual Reality, Drones…?”

Dave: “Wish I knew… Electric motorcycles do seem to be the future though.”

Brandon: “What sources are you currently getting your leads from? Cycle Trader, website leads…?”

Dave: “Website leads. We were doing Craigslist ads, but once they started to charge dealers, we stopped. Cycle Trader is a waste of time, you have to be the cheapest to get any leads. 75% of our leads come from our website, and 25% from manufacture websites. The manufacture leads are sometimes low quality leads since it’s more people just trying to find a dealer, instead of actually inquiring on a bike.”

Brandon: “Who are you currently paying for dealership marketing?”

Dave: “ARI built and hosts our website. We have worked with PowersportsMarketing in the past for promoting our events with pretty good success. But that’s pretty much what their strength is, promoting events. Other than that, no one.”

Brandon: “What are some good experiences that you have had with marketing?”

Dave: “Events promotions went well. Fairly good success with email blasts. But the problem with that, you are only speaking to your existing customers. We want to know how we can reach NEW customers. I don’t have a great answer on how to do that. PowersportsMarketing people use your database of customers to send robo-calls and mailers out to, but don’t reach any new customers. We need to figure out how we can get some new customers in here. There are so many options to try, we are looking for the best bang for buck. But, I don’t have the answer at this time.”

Brandon: “What are some bad experiences you have had with marketing?”

Dave: “ Zero return on print marketing. Co-op advertising usually does not produce any direct sales. We’ve had little tags at the end of a commercial, but we have never seen sales from that. Not the best experience with Cycle Trader, the profit isn’t there. You get no intention unless you are the cheapest guy on the block.”

Brandon: “About how many leads do you get per day from your current marketing?”

Dave: “On average 6-9 a day from website leads, some from other sources… Some days it can be zero, some days 15+. So I would say 12 on average.

Brandon: “How do you feel about lead generation through Facebook ads?”

Dave: “Have not tried it. We have boosted posts about sales and events. We have about two-thousand followers on our Facebook page. But I can’t really track any direct results from it. We take pictures of our customers buying motorcycles and post that on Facebook. But we don’t do many ads.”

Brandon: “How many ready to buy leads are you generating per day from Facebook ads?”

Dave: “Zero.”

Brandon: “How do you feel about social media professionally?”

Dave: “Hmmm…I’m in-different about it. I don’t really like it, but it is definitely a necessity these days. I’m an old school guy and I feel like it creates more problems than good. But once again, I understand that it is crucial for growing businesses.”

Brandon: “What social media channels are you active on?”

Dave: “Facebook only. No Instagram, Twitter, or any of the others. Just Facebook.”

Brandon: “Do you have any custom designed landing pages you post in your social media for generating quality ready-to-buy leads?”

Dave: “No, we have never done that. We just link our Facebook to our website.”

Brandon: “How do you feel about SEO?”

Dave: “Don’t know anything about SEO except for that it is hugely important. Because people on the web searching are those potential NEW customers that we are looking for.”

Brandon: “Do you have a current SEO strategy?”

Dave: “Not at this time.”

Brandon: “How do you feel about email marketing?”

Dave: “I have a lot of experience with that. It’s good, but you are talking to current customers. So it’s pretty much just for customer retention. We send out email blasts twice a month.”

Brandon: “Do you separate your parts, sales, and service list and market to them differently?”

Dave: “No they are all on one list. We shotgun it out to all of our customers.”

Brandon: “So Dave, what are your overall thoughts on marketing yesterday, today, and tomorrow?”

Dave: “It’s getting harder daily. The challenge is , which avenue do you use to speak to your customers? How do we talk to the new potential customers? We have a good handle on existing but not the new. Figuring out how to use digital marketing to acquire NEW customers is the “MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION.”

Brandon: “Now is your time to brag! Why should people check you out?!”

Dave: “The truth of it is, we are real riders just like you. This is not just our job, this is our lifestyle. If you come to our dealer, you’re going to get the things that RIGHT for you because we know what we’re doing.”

Brandon: “I know you’re busy so I’ll let you get back to selling bikes!”

Dave: “Thanks Brandon. We’ll talk to you later.”

Wow! First off a HUGE thank you to Dave Rose over at Ellicott City Motorsports for giving me his valuable time to share his thoughts about marketing in this day-n-age! Definitely check them out if you are in the area! These guys are REAL riders and they just wanna nerd out with you and talk motorcycle talk! Is it just me getting the urge to go in and meet these guys??? I may have to make a trip after the MotoAmerica race in Atlanta!


Now I know the big hook is how do you triple your sales using digital marketing. But hang with me for a second. What did we learn from this interview?

  1. MOST dealers out there are missing the whole point when it comes to social media. (Dave you are not alone. My pops is a GM out here in California, and he was a replica of you before I forced him to think digital, and EVERYONE else is the same way!) So don’t feel bad if you (reader), are not really excited about lead generation through social media. I mean why would you be? You get 3 likes on each post. But me personally? I wake up EVERY DAY soooo very excited to look at how many leads I got for my clients while I was sleeping. And it keeps rolling in every few minutes of the day! ( I get email notifications to my phone, and honestly those little suckers are like a drug! I am addicted! ) I’m writing this blog post September 27th, and directly before starting to write this, I started a viral social media lead generation campaign. And let’s just say, I beat my record…. By FOUR TIMES (Yes this is happening as I am writing this). Before today the most leads I’ve ever had in one day is 27 leads. Pretty sweet right? I thought so before because my goal was 10 leads per day (I was getting 1-5 per day at the time). I said to myself, If I can get 10 leads per day for this client, I will change their lives, and mine along with it. I hit 27 leads that day. And today? 105 new leads. That’s one-hundred and five leads today and it’s only 4:03pm. How do we sift through the noise, that’s another conversation but let’s use one word to hold you over… Automation.

  3. The important thing to learn from this is, the current vendors for digital marketing are not really providing a solution that’s generating highly qualified leads using social media marketing. With all due respect, which much is to be given, the owners of DX1, and PowersportsMarketing are not on Snapchat using the filters every day. Let’s be honest here, they’re most likely on Facebook only, if that. Reach Local does a great job with being in front of people with Google ads, and boosting your Facebook posts. But where is the insane viral strategy? So, I think it’s safe to say there is no HOLY-GRAIL for digital marketing when it comes to the current vendors.

  5. Conventional marketing has lost it’s sting. Once upon a time… TV, radio, and print ads were the secret sauce to get foot traffic that became new buyers. And today? Not so much. Email blasts are great for customer retention, but it doesn’t answer the “MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION” of how to acquire new customers with marketing?

What you’ve been waiting for…

So the “MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION” is, “How do I generate 27 (or as of today 105 leads) per day? How do I get one hundred people ready to buy within 14 days to take action on a lead form?” Which exact formula of words, images, links, emails, surveys, and software is the secret sauce?!

I’m going to give you the answer RIGHT NOW. So, wake up! Now is the time to pay attention. It’s time to get addicted to these little email lead notifications like me. You will thank me later.

Watch the free video on how to generate 27 highly qualified ready-to-buy leads per day right here:

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